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Apr 29, 2014

Holy Crap this is the episode that will make you cringe. You've been warned!

Steve gets sick…Ugh, it's fully cringeworthy. Roger meets what he thinks is a racist…Turns out Rogman is a judgy bastard.

All we can say is enjoy this and cringe!

Apr 22, 2014

This episode we learn that Steve gets picked up by anyone and everyone because his dynamic personality attracts all kinds of people. Roger goes to gas station to buy beer and gets judged judgy clerk, and still thinks he's a young guy. Steve doesn't need a "no powdered sugar donuts in the shopping cart" woman. Roger give...

Apr 15, 2014

This episode we discuss doctor visits. Steve looks for nurses at the Doctor's office. Steve gets a hot tub. Roger overhears a pretentious conversation. We look at relationship dynamics, and we close with having to know the name of James Garner's tv show in the 70s... It was the Rockford Files.

Apr 3, 2014

On this episode of The Snort of Confidence Podcast Steve insists that Rogman carry the show. We do a slight re-recap of Snake Saturday. Steve tells of taking salt peter. Steve discovers Tinder. Rogman's final Dallas trip ties up all loose ends. Steve's tired of behaving so he's ready to get back to the old Steve… and...