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Dec 3, 2014

This episode we surmise that Steve was raised on a farm. The Christmas spirit starts to build. Rogman has theories. Steve has dating stories. We share our thoughts on dating vs. fucking. Rogman has some regrets.

Enjoy with your favorite chilled adult beverage!

Nov 25, 2014

Back again…? Still ailing…or something. We ramble on about Steve going to the World Series. We talk baseball…sort of. Steve talks about the photo shoot for his motorcycle. Rogman is buying a new motocycle…we discuss.

See Steve's award winning motorcycle on the cover of the January 2015 issue...

Nov 17, 2014

We're back with the long-awaited and eagerly anticipated new episode!

This episode Steve quits his job. Rogman is a World Series band wagoner. This episode is all on Roger – you can tell Steve is starting to get sick – and Roger has nothin'! The legendary myth of Steve grows to immense proportions.

We wonder why...

Down For The Count

Nov 4, 2014

Dear listeners,

We are sorry for the delay in releasing new episodes. Steve & I are working furiously to get new content recorded and online for your listening pleasure.

Steve is currently suffering from the flu. I'm finally over the bronchial bullshit I was suffering from. As a result of all the phlegm and mucus...

Oct 16, 2014

This episode we discuss Steve's adventures in Bahrain during Desert Storm. We ask the question, "What if podcasts were like sitcoms?", and we talk about fears. Rogman professes a disdain for the music industry…find out why. This episode was recorded before a digitally added studio audience. There's more, so tune in,...