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Feb 4, 2014

We've been away for awhile and things feel clunky as we try to find our groove. Rogman went to Texas, and Steve went to Florida.

In this episode we talk about weed, food and getting the munchies. We surmise that pot is a gateway drug to greasy heart-stopping food. We also discuss relationships and Rogman struggles with simple mathematics.

We hope you enjoy this episode. We highly recommend headphones.

almost four years ago

Spoke to mom about the Honeycombs. Here's the deal.Dr. Campo told mom that if I didn't start eating....pronto I would have to be admitted to the hospital. That's the only thing I could stomach at the time. I am alive because of Honeycombs. I ain't sending you boxes of that shit've always wanted my Honeycombs you couldn't get it then and you sure as shit ain't getting it now. I will send you some kickass mustard though. Enjoyed this one Rog and The Dude.

almost four years ago

You're welcome, Adrian! Glad you enjoy the podcast. Tell all your friends. I'll pass on your message to Steve. I'm sure he'll appreciate it. -Roger

Adrian Jimenez
almost four years ago

Thanks for the shout out!!!! And I was the guy asking for more stories about your nephew the Gimp. Also I think Steve is cool too not just Roger.